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Sky Hosting Limited is a professional I.T. provider of Web Hosting, Email Services, Professional SMTP Function, All/Group Catch Outgoing Emails, Reseller Service, VDS, Dedicated and Colocation Service. Our Servers are located in different Data Centers coupled with our professional's maintenance and management which will be able to meet our customers' business needs.

We provide stable, high respond and professional technique.

Our Systems are stable, high responsibilities and professional equipments. Sky Hosting sets high priority in maintaining and protecting customers' and personal data. We provide 24-hour expert management for servers. We also provide services on spam email management and prevention, which enables our customers to use our services with security and safety.

Sky Hosting also provides platform for customers, bringing flexible options for individual needs. Our platform allows customers to set up their own email accounts, checking online emails and setting auto-reply and other functions. Our professional team will also help customers to familiarize with our platform on their first use.

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