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All Catch Outgoing Email function offer send email monitoring and email back up function. Customer must use our STMP to send email. This function can protect your email lost and monitoring the outbound emails of other users in the company.

1.) All Catch Outgoing Email Function process:

  • a.) Set the independent email account
  • b.) When staff sends email to client by our SMTP
  • c.) Email server will check the spam mail automatic
  • d.) Finally, the email will copy to specify email account
  • e.) The original email will send to client email account

2.) All Catch Outgoing Email Function includes:

  • Automatic send a copy to specify email account. (Such as Boss account)
  • Provide more SMTP Port (port 25)
  • Offer a blank email account
  • Add unlimited staff email account
  • Basic spam mail filter function (Spam Assassin)

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