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cPanel is the most popular web hosting management system, a long time of development. It provide full-featured, many languages supported, and as well as functional flexibility. So many hosting companies are used cPanel to provide choice to users. Because everyone has different requirements, cPanel control interface has improved over the years, optimized the complicate settings of requirements such as security, usability, and flexibility. Now, more than 80% of web hosting companies are using cPanel all over the world.
  cPanel control interface Self-develop control interface
Language Support More than ten Only one
Built-in functions From basic to advanced, integrated hundreds sample functions. Usually only the basic functions such as email management
Independent Extremely high. Because many features are built-in, you can easily manage and configure your site or open email, FTP, etc. accounts. Very low. Because not too many functions available need to contact customer service to help for setup, unfriendly communication may also be making things difficult.
Popularity More than tens thousands of hosting are using use this system in worldwide. Not more than hundred
R & D Spends High Low
System update High. Because there are plenty of R & D funding. Therefore, full-time R & D personnel in the design and maintenance system, the system update rate is extremely high. Low. As R & D funding is limited, not enough feedbacks to improve the system.

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