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BoxTrapper functions as a spam filter for email addresses. The filter works through "challenge-response" verification. When an email is sent to an account that has enabled BoxTrapper, a verification email is automatically sent in response. This verification email requires the original sender to reply to the verification request, leaving the subject line intact. When the reply is received, the original message will be delivered to the intended recipient's account.The goal in enabling BoxTrapper is to block BoxTrapper emails that will not reply to the verification email.

BoxTrapper process:

  • 1.) Sender will send email to user.
  • 2.) The server will drop the email into the Waiting list of BoxTrapper.
  • 3.) The server will send the verify email to the sender at the same time.
  • 4.) Sender reply the verify email.
  • 5.) BoxTrapper will put the sender email account into the White list or Black list
  • 6.) If sender drop into the White list and the BoxTrapper will send the email to user. If sender drop into the Black list and user will never receive the sender email.

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