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Please read all service agreements by the following. "Sky" means Sky Hosting Limited.
- This complete agreement is understanding between Sky and our Customer and supersedes any other written or oral agreement. Sky may change the terms and conditions, and/or modify the prices under in a non-notice situation.

- If you have any query about these terms and conditions, please contact our Customer Services Department

1. SKY provided the Customer Services only be used for lawful purposes. Customer is not allowed to transmit or issue of any information, data or material in violation of any Hong Kong regulation or law is prohibited. Sky has the right to remove all materials which infringe on copyright work.

2. SKY has the right to cancel the service without prior notice. If the service is terminated by Sky, there will have an admin fee and the first month's service fee will not be refund.

3. SKY will not be responsible for damages the customer suffers. This includes data delays, miss-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by its' own negligence, subscriber's errors, or due to the fault of third parties.

4. Customer agrees not to utilize the Sky SMTP service, equipment or email address to send the spam email to more recipients or more than 100 mails of a same domain name in a single day.

5. Customer agrees not to sell, promote or designed any illegal software, product or service.

6. Customer shall assure the network services of Sky and shall not disrupt Sky, its associated networks or equipments forming part of the systems.

7. Customer agrees than does not submit and publication in Sky network of violates or infringes any copyright, trademark, patent or contain anything obscene or libelous thing. Sky has the right to remove any and all materials which infringe on copyright work.

8. Customer may terminate the Sky service by filling the Service Termination Form and mail to us before 30 days of the billing cycle (with reference to the postmark date). The form can be downloaded from or call our Customer Service Hotline 2111 9428.

*The Customer shall be responsible for all fees before a proper termination of the service in accordance with this Agreement.

9. If Customer wants to change their account information, please fill up the Change Information Form and send email to us. The form can be downloaded from or call our Customer Service Hotline 2111 9428.

CUSTOMER will be required to provide verification for security purposes authorizing them to make any changes of their accounts.
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